Sunday, September 18, 2005

Toshiba's continued interest in fuel cells

Toshiba announced further fuel cell prototypes, including versions built into MP3 players. This is similar to the prototype they showed just over a year ago.

These are filled with 195-proof methanol, diluting it down to just 20 proof (ten percent) in the reaction chamber. In traditional fuel cells, methanol delivers power most efficiently when it is mixed with water in a 3 to 6% methanol concentration, but this would require a large fuel tank containing less methanol than windshield wiper fluid.

Toshiba has repeatedly postponed the launch of
fuel cells for laptops, and recently stated that the product
won't reach the market until at least 2007. Ms. Suzuki, Toshiba spokeswoman for international media relations, said the main reasons for the latest delay are regulations that prohibit passengers from bringing methanol onto airplanes.

There are very few production fuel cell products on the retail market today, on exception being Jadoo Power Systems, which run on Hydrogen.


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