Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Re:As far as censorware go, fuggedaboutit

Slashdot posted to Removing Site from Spam Filters and ISP Blocks? as Re:As far as censorware go, fuggedaboutit:

I agree that the site in question will get the most benefit from moving their "clean" content to a new IP address, leave the porn content on the old IP.

The way that censorware works is that it blocks IP's, not domains.

This is not absolutely true -- while nearly all web filters have a list of IP addresses that are blocked, most block on both domain names and IP addresses.

As a result, other sites hosted on the same IP as a site with undesirable content as defined by some censorware's black list are also blocked.

Depends on the filter, and on the hosting site. Sometimes this is unavoidable, where the hosting company intentionally or unintentionally makes it easy to bypass domain name filters by going through another site hosted on the same IP address.

Not all web filtering software will block all sites hosted on an IP address that contains just one objectionable site.

This obviously has many serious problems -- the best writeup on the myriad issues with censorware is at Peacefire.

Asking Peacefire about web filtering software is like an "Ask Slashdot" about Microsoft software -- any answer you get is indelibly tinged with the fanatacism of the source.

There are some well-written web filtering applications, there are some legitimate reasons to install and use filters. But you'll never hear anything positive about "censorware" from Peacefire.


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