Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Don't work in a cubicle farm

The original article, isn't bad, but was easily slashdotted.

Slashdot posted to When to Leave That First Tech Job as :

TheOriginalRevdoc writes
Take advice number one: "don't work in a cubicle". You'll be looking a long time for a job that comes with its own office. Most corporations, especially, make sure that offices only go to managers above a certain rank. That's just how it is.

I'd suggest that this would better be be phrased as "Dont work in a cubicle farm".

Grouping a team of 3-6 cow-orkers who have shared job responsibilities together in a open plan group of cubicles can enhance productivity.

Building a huge cattle pen to house 10-30 employees with mostly unrelated duties, especially if any of them have jobs that require a lot of time on the phone, is counter-productive.

All it takes is one loud-voiced joker with an exaggerated sense of his own funniness to crash the productivity of everybody else.